If you’ve been waiting for a new unapologetic testosterone fueled rock and roll band, One Day Late is the band for you. They are a larger than life collective¬, in both the physical and performing aspect; that plays hard, tight and loud riff driven rock and roll every time they take the stage.

Draped in black, this high energy party rock band exudes an attitude and sound that can kick your ass but will pick you back up too. There is a passion for metal’s roots that can be heard billowing through their hooks and melodies, a sound that honours the ancestors of rock by keeping things pure. Bringing people back to that place where they forget about the real world and lose themselves in the music and beer.


 It is that raw live sound that the band perfectly encapsulated in their debut 2013 self-titled album One Day Late, which was recorded at Vancouver’s legendary Warehouse Studios by acclaimed producer Eric Mosher (AC/DC, Motley Crue, Buckcherry). The album has taken the band to new levels, leading them to win both the Rawlco Radio ‘Breakthrough Artist of 2013’ and the ‘Artist to Watch’ at the 2013 Edmonton Music Awards.


 Consisting of: Elton Davidge–Vocals, Kyle Ginn–Guitar, Dustin Grunninger–Guitar, Eric Ginn–Drums and Dwight Werbicki–Bass, this is a band that enjoys the accolades, but much prefer the road and performing in front of their fans. With aims to be the next great Canadian touring act, this is a collective that always plays with passion and one that lets talent reign over image. To see this behemoth of a band live and direct check out their website onedaylate.com where you can keep up with tour-dates, follow the guys on social-media, or just kick back and listen to some solid tunes.



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